Company Profile


  .ADI NAOR - REAL ESTATE APPRAISAL & MANAGEMENT'' was founded in 1999 by Mr. Adi Naor, a licensed real-estate appraiser since 1991''

The company is certified and operates under international quality standarts, and is among the few real-estate offices in the country

.to appeare on the lists of apprisers in all of the israeli banks

 .We provide our customers a personal and professional service while keeping uncompromising standard, courtesy and on-time schedule


Professional Services


  • Real-estate appraisal for all types of assets.
  • Real-estate appraisal and reports for the banking system in accordance with appraiser standart 19.
  • Real-estate assessment under the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS).
  • Representation in complaints regarding loss of real-estae value according to clause 197 of the Planning and Constrution Law.
  • Preparation of counter-opinions against the appraisals of the Israel Lands Authority and city committees regarrding taxes and levies.
  • Consultation on various subjects: Dividing land rights, asset managment, profitability, etc.


Contact Us


Bet Hakeren building , 3th floor

   Hataas 10 st. Ramat Gan 5252346

Tel: 03-5757750

Fax: 03-5757753




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